Locations of 18 Districts Exquisite Garden Plots

LCSD will set up exquisite garden plots at designated venues across 18 districts from April to May. Members of the public are welcome to visit. Details of venues are as follows:

Western Style Garden Plot

DistrictVenueAddressEnquiry Telephone
Central & Western Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park 16, Eastern Street North, Sai Ying Pun 2540 9704
Southern  Waterfall Bay Park Waterfall Bay Road, Wah Fu Estate Hong Kong 2555 2130
Wan Chai  Wan Chai Temporary Promenade Lung Wo Road, Wan Chai 2879 5612
Kowloon City King Wan Street Playground King Wan Street, To Kwa Wan 2762 2073
Kwun Tong  Jordan Valley Park No. 71, New Clear Water Bay Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon 2797 3848
Sham Shui Po Nam Choeng Park No. 20 Sham Mong Road, Kowloon 2370 9954
Yau Tsim Mong  Kowloon Park 22 Austin Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon 2314 0436
Islands Tat Tung Road Garden Tat Tung Road. Tung Chung 2852 3220
Sai Kung  Po Hong Park 10 Wan Lung Road, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. 2191 1561

Oriental Style Garden Plot

DistrictVenueAddressEnquiry Telephone
Eastern Aldrich Bay Park 10 Oi Tak Street, Sai Wan Ho 2633 5655
Wong Tai Sin Lion Rock Park Chuk Yuen Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon 2337 4648
Kwai Tsing Shek Yam Lei Muk Road Park Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung Road, N. T. 2425 0691
North Kat Cheung Crescent Garden 29 Kat Cheung Crescent Street, Sheung Shui 2679 2838
Sha Tin Sha Tin Park No. 2 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin 2695 9253
Tai Po Tai Po Waterfront Park Tai Fat Street, Tai Po 2664 2107
Tsuen Wan Shing Mun Valley Park No. 21, Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan 2413 9665
Tuen Mun Tuen Mun Promenade Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mun 2451 3012
Yuen Long Yuen Long Main Road Rest Garden Castle Peak Road (Yuen Long), Yuen Long 2443 9136


Western Style Garden Plots

Central and Western District - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

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An Enchanted Kitchen

Urban dwellers leading hectic and stressful lives are welcome to visit this “enchanted kitchen” to relax body and mind.  A stroll in the garden allows one to blend in with nature, while enjoying harmonious tranquility.  In amazing spring sunlight, visitors can wine and dine to a gurgle of cascading water here, awakening the senses and enriching the soul.  Visiting this garden is likened to enjoying great food in an “enchanted kitchen”, where one can not only realise the true meaning of “you are what you eat”, but practise the principle of sustainable development.

An Enchanted Kitchen An Enchanted Kitchen

Southern District - Waterfall Bay Park

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A Happy Playground

The design concept of this garden plot intends to minimise carbon footprint by using recycled materials in creation of a simple and minimalist children’s playground.

Highly artistic receptacles made out of plastic bottles collect rainwater for the purposes of watering the garden.  In addition, wastes are recycled, with old tyres being reused for fencing.  Meanwhile, log cabins and play facilities are built out of fallen trees and branches.

The garden is dotted with a profusion of flowers and trees, with planting native species as the preferred option, in particular those drought-tolerant perennials.  Not only can this help conserve water use but also illustrate the robust vitality of the place.  To promote the growth and health of plants, organic fertilisers are applied.

It is meaningful to visit this green playground, revoking memories of carefree childhood years while realising the principle of going green.

A Happy Playground A Happy Playground

Wan Chai District - Wan Chai Temporary Promenade

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The Joy of Childhood

A happy childhood is the most memorable time in life.  With a theme of nostalgic toys and games, this garden plot aims to evoke fond memory of childhood.  Inspired by children’s chess and board games as well as early computer games, the design of this plot features a green wall of plants and a giant Connect Four running in parallel to add a layered richness to the scenery.  An array of dazzling flowers, luxuriant foliage and lush green lawns are ingeniously arranged to bring great joy to all visitors.  A rain-curtain shed brings an element of fun and adventure.  And what is more, game boxes festooned with flowers in riotous colours create an impressively stunning scene, as Hydrangeas bloom in this amazing spring sunshine.  On such a beautiful day, it is great to travel back in time to those good old days of childhood.

The Joy of Childhood The Joy of Childhood

Kowloon City District - King Wan Street Playground

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Happiness in Nature

The design concept of this garden plot is inspired by cabins in woods, featuring structures blended in with nature yet with a chic and highly modern appearance.

Built from wood and recycled materials, the outdoor installations are simple with a natural touch.  With the deck extending all the way to the nearby vegetation and water body, the cabin features enormous windows, which ingeniously connect the interior of the cabin to the outside world. 

Enchantingly gorgeous Hydrangeas are everywhere outside the cabin.  In bloom, their florets lean close to each other, reminiscent of the spiritual reliance and mutual support amongst friends and family.  Nestling against other flowers, Hydrangeas spread the message of “borderless love”.

This picturesque garden is filled with spring charms, looking like a painting in which a figure basks in woods under the sun on an intoxicatingly fine day.

Happiness in Nature Happiness in Nature

Kwun Tong District - Jordan Valley Park

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Show of New Love

While wordless and intangible, great love often manifests itself in countless little stories of life.  It is always simple yet enduring.  A pair of first-time lovers carefully tend the garden at their doorstep, sowing the seeds of love with humility while understanding in heart and mind the true meaning of love.

Decorative animal figurines are arranged in pairs in the garden where Hydrangeas bloom in myriads of colours during beautiful spring times, blessing everywhere with enormous love.  We hope such great love can reach out to every corner of the city to touch the heart and soul of millions.

Show of New Love Show of New Love

Sham Shui Po District - Nam Choeng Park

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Station of Happiness

Passengers waiting at this station are full of expectation,

Like those anticipating for budding flowers to blossom.

Sometimes, the delight coming from anticipation is better than the elation when a dream comes true, for it is all about sincere aspiration.

On occasions, the feeling of anticipation is greater than the blissful joy bestowed upon us, for it is all about earnest prayers.

When true love is found,

When the apogee of success is reached,

When the real meaning of life is understood,

It is only in those moments when one realises that the expectation, anticipation and longing we have for everyday life are what make the seeds of happiness germinate and thrive in our heart and soul.  It is always a blessing to have something to anticipate, for it brightens our life.  Life is just like Hydrangeas, always colourful and spectacular as it is.

Station of Happiness Station of Happiness

Yau Tsim Mong District - Kowloon Park

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Happiness in Blue

The design concept for this garden is inspired by those buildings along the North Africa coast.  Featuring a small blue and white cabin, the garden is adorned with vibrant Hydrangea blooms against a backdrop of an azure sky and white clouds, creating a profound sense of peace and bliss.

The garden’s simple layout, together with vividly coloured vegetation, exudes a gorgeous Mediterranean ambience.

Happiness in Blue Happiness in Blue

Islands District - Tat Tung Road Garden

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In a balmy early spring day, one is greeted by dazzling Hydrangeas on a stroll along the path.  What an enchanting garden!  Beyond the floral arch is a small stage, from where one is showered by the blessings uttered by guests.  During beautiful spring times, a gentle breeze rises and wafts the refreshing fragrance of Hydrangeas across the garden, filling the air with a sweet scent.  One just needs to calmly listen to their own mind with eyes shut, and then a sense of happiness and joy spontaneously arises, with ears filled with the gurgle of water.

Blessings Blessings

Sai Kung District - Po Hong Park

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Fairy Tales of Flowers

With the story book open, it is high time to step into this fantastically colourful world of fairy tales and begin a journey of magical adventures!

This garden plot features a cabin in the shape of an open book, signifying that reading enriches lives.  The verso details a story from its beginning, leading visitors into a cheerful and innocent children’s world of fairy tales, while the recto continues the twists and turns, with visitors left spellbound.

Occupying the front left corner of the garden plot is a bench made out of a recycled wooden wheel, epitomising optimal utilisation of materials in pursuit of the concept of going green.  At the rear right is a reading corner, illuminated by solar-powered garden lights and furnished with a bookshelf made of tree branches at the back and a desk.  Old books and papers pile up on the desk, conjuring up an intellectually elegant ambience, by which visitors will no doubt easily lose track of time.

Fairy Tales of Flowers Fairy Tales of Flowers

Oriental Style Garden Plots

Eastern District - Aldrich Bay Park

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My Garden

A stroll in this garden featuring dense green foliage and amorphous masses of rockeries brings great fun.  Walking up the red bridge, one will be readily captivated by the unusual scene of a chattering brook.  The garden planted with delicately beautiful flowers and vegetation, when juxtaposed with upright trees, has an unhurried charm of its own.  What an enormous joy and privilege to walk along the flagstone pavement under the shade of lush trees to embrace the spring beauty of such a fine day.

The Hydrangeas, synonymous with sincerity and gratitude, are well-liked for the inflorescences of countless tiny florets, signifying families, friendship and reunion in the language of flowers.  One may offer Hydrangeas to express wishes for a loving family in happy reunion.

My Garden My Garden

Wong Tai Sin District - Lion Rock Park

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Japanese Garden

Inspired by the Japanese “dry garden” (karesansui), the design concept of this plot embraces a predominantly Zen ambience to express reverence for nature.  Here, white sand and stacked rocks are placed to symbolise respectively water and mountains, while tall trees and low shrubs are juxtaposed in a manner that offers a panorama of “eminent peaks” and “great rivers” in this miniature world.  The layout of such an elegant and serene garden is arranged in an ingenious manner with green pines far away, blue Hydrangea in the foreground, rocks in the centre and leafy vegetation all round.  Spending time in the garden can refresh the soul, leaving visitors to purge their mind of stresses and worries.

Japanese Garden Japanese Garden

Kwai Tsing District - Shek Yam Lei Muk Road Park

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Strolling in a Grove of Bamboos to Enjoy Flowers

This plot embraces the landscaping features of both Chinese and Japanese gardens, with a Chinese-style waterside pavilion as its main attraction richly adorned with such elements of Japanese karesansui dry landscaping as a rock mountain and gravel river.  The surrounding grove of bamboos offers a moment of tranquil respite from urban noises for visitors.  Appreciating the charms of elegant green bamboos and exuberant flowers in full bloom will leave one spellbound and touched.

The construction of this garden adheres to the principles of sustainable gardening, under which plastics are shunned while green materials such as wood are optimally utilised.  To better protect the environment, the rock mountain and gravel river will be recycled for use in horticultural landscaping in the parks managed by the Department.

Strolling in a Grove of Bamboos to Enjoy Flowers Strolling in a Grove of Bamboos to Enjoy Flowers

North District - Kat Cheung Crescent Garden

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Magnificent Landscape of the Motherland

Setting foot in this garden with blooming flowers, one will be mesmerised by the undulating mountains afar and the gurgle of flowing water nearby.  It draws parallels to boating on a sea of flowers, sparking sheer joy that makes one’s spirit soar.

Such gorgeous scenes are reminiscent of the splendid and magnificent landscapes in China, leaving one with a spontaneous sense of admiration for the motherland.

Magnificent Landscape of the Motherland Magnificent Landscape of the Motherland

Sha Tin District - Sha Tin Park

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Thai-style Teahouse

With a theme of going for picnics, this garden plot features a Thai-style gazebo and three seating areas where friends can have a happy gathering al fresco in peace of mind.  An array of exotic palm trees, dazzling flowers and colourful vegetation dotted in the landscape create a refreshingly great scene for garden lovers.  Lying down listening to the gurgle of flowing water from a feature wall, one may contemplate the water lilies on a still pond, while savouring the charms of the blooming Hydrangeas, Oncidium and Dendrobium.  What a profound pleasure it is to be oblivious to the material world around us.

Thai-style Teahouse Thai-style Teahouse

Tai Po District - Tai Po Waterfront Park

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A Moment of Full Bliss

The design for this plot is based on traditional Japanese gardens.  Taking a stroll along the cobbled path in the plot, visitors may have the great fun of viewing cherry blossoms in full bloom.  As night descends, one will be left spellbound by a spectacular scene with innumerable stars high in the sky and glowing fireflies, evoking the charm of Japanese early summer.  Dotted with various flowers and lush greenery, this plot is adorned by an ingenious selection of a squat style washing bowl, a shishi-odoshi (Japanese bamboo water feature) and a stone lantern, in creation of a peaceful and tranquil ambience.  Visitors will, without exception, become indifferent to the ebb and flow of their fortunes while enjoying a moment of full bliss.

A Moment of Full Bliss A Moment of Full Bliss

Tsuen Wan District - Shing Mun Valley Park

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Japanese Zen Garden

It is the hectic life which galls us most.  Only by calming down can one refresh the mind and recharge their batteries.

This plot features Japanese-style bamboo perimeter fences and multiple stacked rocks in creation of a highly reclusive Zen ambience.  With the meticulously trimmed shrubs under an azure sky with puffy clouds, the garden is imbued with an air of antiquity, which can take visitors away from all their stresses and worries.

By quietly contemplating such a scenic view, one can definitely realise the beauty inherent in the lives of grasses and trees, while enjoying a moment of tranquility.

Japanese Zen Garden Japanese Zen Garden

Tuen Mun District - Tuen Mun Promenade

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Japanese Cherry Blossom

Inspired by the Japanese Thanksgiving Day, the design theme for this plot showcases a Japanese-style garden, featuring a shrine adorned with festive decorations.  Taking a stroll here will virtually bring the experience of travelling in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms together with “Enggie Pup” and “Artti Kitty”, the mascots of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, while sending good wishes to family and friends.  Next to the shrine is an attractive collection of colourful lanterns displayed in an open shed.  There is also a long bench for visitors to take a rest, in appreciation of the myriads of flowers in bloom throughout the garden.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Japanese Cherry Blossom

Yuen Long District - Yuen Long Main Road Rest Garden

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The design concept for this plot is derived from Chinese gardens featuring small bridges, flowing water, green bamboos and new grasses, creating a subtle yet sophisticated ambience prevalent in the poems during the Song dynasty.  Built of recycled wood in a palette of muted colours, a Chinese hut is erected in the garden dotted with various decorative vegetation, leaving one with a sense of sitting in a bamboo thicket where all thoughts vanish into emptiness.

Immaculateness Immaculateness